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3-way switch configuation modification

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I am need some advice on changing out a 3-way switch
Wiring and current switches are +40 years old

current wiring-
1. power goes through 2 light fixtures-
2 wires come from lights to switch (2-wire cable with ground, black, white and dark grey ground)
Black wire attaches to SW1 common terminal
White wire is connected to the black wire that goes to SW2 common terminal
Grey Wire is attached to SW1 outlet box

2. SW1- this 3 way switch uses Black hot wire on Common Terminal
Also has 2 traveler wires (red and white- which connect to SW2)
*This is an older switch and isn't grounded, however the wiring between switches is 3-wire cable (Black, White, Red and bare copper)
The ground wire is currently hooked to outlet box on SW1 end

3. SW2- This switch is connected on Common terminal to Black wire (which comes from the white wire out to lights
It also uses the red and white wires from SW1 for traveler wires
This switch is also not grounded, and the ground wire that comes from SW1 is attached to SW2 outlet box

This is where I need some advice
4. Duplex outlet in SW2 outlet box
This outlet is hot whether the lights are on or not
It's power comes from pigtail from SW2 Black wire
And it has a bare copper wire attached to where you would normally attach white wire

I would like to-
A. remove 3-way switch at SW1 and replace with an outlet/switch combo that is always hot
B. replace old 3-way switch in SW2 with single pole to control lights
C. Have the outlet in SW2 always hot


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