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3 Way Dimmer Light Switch Problem

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Hi All,

I have a 3 way Lutron dimmer connected to a non dimming 3 way switch to power recessed lights from both switches. The dimmer switch and dimmer works only when the other 3 way switch is switched on. When its switched off the dimmable switch cannot turn the light on by itself. How do i fiz this? I want to be able to control the lights independently from either switch.

Here's the configuration :

12-2 feed/3 way Lutron dimmer/12-3 wire to 3way non dimmer switch/12-2 to first light/12-2 to the next light....and so on.
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I have a Lutron Diva brand dimmer which connected to a standard 3 way switch. The dimmer wiring is what is throwing me off.

It has a black, red, red with white strip, white (neutral), and a green (ground). I have connected the two grounds (white and capped together). I connected all three green ground wires and capped them. Then I followed the diagram that came with the dimmer and connected the black (hot) from the feed to the black wire on the dimmer, red on dimmer to the red going to the next switch, red /white stripe to black going to the next switch.

I've attached a photo of the Lutron wiring diagram with my random notes. It's confusing me though.


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