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Hi, Lately I've discovered that my terrible builder, that is now bankrupt, has screwed up some more stuff.

It appears that my roughed-in plumbing (unfinished basement currently) has water coming into it somehow. I have a picture showing the stacks, and greenish saran-wrap is where the hole in the floor is.

I have attached pictures, The ODD part is that now that the rain has subsided and the rate of flow into the sump pit has decreased, the flow into the EJECTOR pit has actually increased.

There is a hole in the floor for the future bathtub, and the water in that hole has also risen slightly.

Thankfully I have never had water come through the floor, but if my sump pumps failed...I know I would!

WHY would the water under the slab in the middle of the floor be increasing now that the outside perimeter drain tile has lessened?

WHY do I have ANY water under the center of my floor IF my drain tile is supposedly working.

During a torrential rain here today I discovered 3 wall tie leaks leaking behind the "diaper" oh joy. I think I have mold on the diaper...picture attached.

Finally, the water coming into the sump pit was cloudy with silt...nice.

Any ideas what is going on?
Obviously the roughed-in plumbing has a bad gasket and water is getting into there, draining into the ejector pit.

The water table is high, but if my drain tile is working...why is there water in the center of the floor?

I also wanted to ask...If I put a french drain in the current swale....would that help with ground water/water table or just surface water?



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It's spring and your water table has risen---the perimeter drains may be on top of the footing,making them slightly higher than the water table.

Several things could be causing the ejector pit to be gaining water---The most common is a leak around the pipe entering the pit.--Take off the lid and look.--Mike---

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Thanks for the input. Unfortunately the water is coming from the pipe, not around it. The on picture is down one of the unused stacks for the roughed-in plumbing, so there must be a breach there.

Is it "normal" for the water table to be about 6 inches below the floor...seems scary to me.

Though I am not on the top of a hill, I'm not on the bottom....would a french drain on that side help for sub-surface water...or is that just for surface water?

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