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3" Toilet flapper keeps leaking

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I have a toilet the kept running so I replaced the toilet flapper. It was a larger hole so I got a 3" flapper. It was one of those cloud master adjustable ones. I just found the toilet leaking again and it seems the flapper is able to slide side to side quite a bit on the hinge. Enough to that apparently it can land quite off center and on a ridge that goes around the center bulb.

Assuming all this makes sense to you guys, does anyone have an idea how to fix this. I'm used to the smaller standard size holes (2" I guess). Not sure what the options are for these.
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Possibly the wrong flapper for your toilet. What's the brand of toilet?

Do you still have old flapper? If so, take it with you and match it up for a better fit one. Just a suggestion.
If it's a toto toilet you need a TOTO flapper.
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I'll have to check the brand when I get home. I'm pretty sure it wasnt TOTO. As for the size. A 2" flapper didn't fit so I went looking at Home Depot and the only larger flapper I could find was the 3".
Its an American Standard Toilet. Looking at the old flapper it looks like it has a rubber gasket on the underside that may be designed to be replaced rather than the whole flapper. Below are some pictures of the old flapper itself and the new flapper in the toilet. If you look close you can see my "fix" for the new flapper by using some foam by the left hook that hols the flapper onto the the overlow tube post. The foam keeps it from slidding over off center. Even if it works for now, id rather find a proper solution. My water bill went from $40-50 to 106. Does this sort of setup look familiar to anyone? Do I just buy a rubber gasket to properly fix it? What brand is it? Is it american standard or some other brand?


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Just answered most of my questions from my last post. Flipped over the tank kid and found a diagram with part numbers. It has the flapper assembly part 738920-0070A. Looks like I can get the flapper online for about $6 or it looks like the rubber seal from after market manufacturers for about $2.
There was a little slack. The lever arm was kind of short pulling the flapper to the left. The safest repair looks to be to just get the original model flapper which I can get from Home Depot ship to store for $8. I'll probably try to replace the lever arm to one that is long enough to pull up rather than off to the side.
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