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3 prong to 2 prong capacitor conversion

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Old motor is obsolete, new replacement motor takes smaller size. replaced old cap as well. not sure how to wire. everything i find tells me to wire the brown and white to the new cap, black to power and another to c on old cap. there is no fourth wire on this motor. i'm stuck please help. been broke all summer.

pregnant and fuming in ohio.
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Not sure what you are doing. 3 prong capacitor is a dual capacitor, 2 prong capacitor is single capacitor, they are not the same.
Post pic of motor and its wires and capacitor
motor is ao smith 9723. that is the motor that was recommended as the replacement by ao themselves.

currently i only have old photos of what was there
and now figuring out how to upload them... brb
ok cant figure pics out. almost got it all together have new cap on just waiting on a final on the white and brown wire......old motor was AO33 S

sorry patience are wearing thin. not real happy about this supposed to be simpler than last design...totally opposite.
How many wires does the new motor have.
list each wire separately using a comma between each wire.

EG: Black, brown, etc, etc.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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