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3 prong creates flicker when plugged in

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Our house is 9 years old. In my basement we have a circuit containing the basement receptacles and 2 outside receptacles which are properly waterproofed.

The first outlet in the circuit is a gfci. The only devices plugged into this circuit are my tv and receiver. When I plug a 3 prong plug into any outlet in the circuit, my tv power is interrupted for a second. When I plug a 2 prong plug in, the interruption doesn't occur. I have changed the gfci. Still occurs. I tested each outlet with an outlet tester and they are all stated as correctly wired. This is a 15 amp circuit. Any suggestions on what to do?
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Thanks everyone. I plugged in a lamp on that circuit. It does not flicker but the tv still does
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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