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Hey, I'm Zack. Not sure if I'm having a stupid moment or something but I'm not sure how I need to hook up this switch for a fan I got for the workshop. It was wired up pretty iffy when I got it, so I cleaned it up and got a stretch of wire, a male plug, and bought a new switch, one that would accommodate the 2 fan speeds. I'm trying to get this wired up and I realize that I can't make any sense of the diagram that is on the package. The switch has 6 poles (male spade), and they are labeled as 1 through 6. One column reading down 1,2,and3,and the second column is 4,5,and 6.There is also a diagram that shows the 3 positions that are available;load a, off (in middle ) and load b. But it is not very clear as to what wires go to what poles on the switch. At this point I have to wonder if it even the right switch. I'm sure someone can tell me how it needs to be wired. Thanks


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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