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Going a bit nuts here and my lack of experience is getting in the way.

Replacing 3 switches in the same box - 2 older, 2 wire Leutron dimmers and a leutron 3 wire dimmer [which is also controlled at the other end of the kitchen. This 3 way switch has contrasting orientation.]

new switches are Insteon home automation type dimmers (2477D). The Insteon's have red/white (load) black(line) and bare copper ground wires.

I was able to get the 3 way working (far right in pic) but having problems integrating the other 3 wire Insteon's to the existing 2 wire setup that the leutrons had.

See pic. The other 2 standard 2 wire dimmers line wires we're just spliced to a line and separately to load wires

I'm working on my 2nd new switch (1st on left) has power but will not control light, ive not integrated the 3rd new switch yet- old leutron in in the middle.

Do i need to use the same neutral white wires for these new switches and if so assume i need to pigtail as i think there are enough wires under that cap.

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