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3 gang box makeup

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I am taking a two gang box out and putting in a 3 gang to accomodate a new fan switch.

THe current box has four wires - a feeder from the panel, traveler to other outlets, and two switch legs. Now I am adding a fifth wire (14/3).

What would be the best way to tie everything together? I think I am going to have to get creative since I will need some pigtails, etc and that takes me over the 4-5 fill on a red wire nut.

how would you suggest I makeup the box?
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gotcha...ive seen the terminal blocks used by a friend who does commercial but wasnt sure about their application in residential...

anyway, i have (4) 14/2 and (1) 14/3 coming order;

1) power in from panel
2) power out to other outlets
3) single pole toggle switch leg
4) single pole toggle switch leg
5) single pole fan/light combo dimmer (lutron - b/w/r/g needed)

I am using a new work metal 3 gang w/ two ko's on the left and three up top being used.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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