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3 gang box makeup

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I am taking a two gang box out and putting in a 3 gang to accomodate a new fan switch.

THe current box has four wires - a feeder from the panel, traveler to other outlets, and two switch legs. Now I am adding a fifth wire (14/3).

What would be the best way to tie everything together? I think I am going to have to get creative since I will need some pigtails, etc and that takes me over the 4-5 fill on a red wire nut.

how would you suggest I makeup the box?
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I'd have to know more about the layout of the box to come up with a specific arrangement. However, you might want to consider using push-in connector blocks (often called "Wago's", a brand name) instead of wire nuts. They are easier for large numbers of conductors. Depending on what devices you are using and how things are to be wired, you may also be able to make use of multi-conductor terminals on the devices instead of wire nuts (a GFCI receptacle is usually made handle 3 conductors per terminal, for example).

Nitpick: you have five cables, not five wires. You have, presumably, 15 wires (or "conductors").
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