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3-D tile effect

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Okay we have tiled two of our homes now and are pretty good at it. BUT I paid someone to tile the backsplash in my kitchen because I wanted the diamond look and we had not tried the diamond effect of tiling yet. Okay so like a dummy I left my husband at home to meet the tile guys (they were mexican and spoke very little english). When I got home they were 3/4's done and had messed up. I had bought 3 colors of tile and two were so close in color they thought it was just one and they swore there was not a lighter color. I made them get all the boxes out and showed them they were wrong. I called the boss (which is who I hired) and he had to speak with them for communication. I went ahead and let them finish and he didn't charge me for the labor. I know that was a deal but everytime I look at them it upsets me the design is not what it should be. I've never seen it done but I would love to liquid nail just one row over the existing tile of the lighter color to give it a cool effect and get my lighter color in there. Can anyone tell me if this could be done?
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The thicker the tile, the less appealing it will look. What is the size of this tile? Small thin tile could be adhered to the wall without it looking too absurd, I guess. Can't you remove one row and replace it with the correct tile? The quicker you do it after the initial install ,the better it is. Most tiles can even be removed the next day with little wall damage.
Next time, put the actual tile layout on the counter, especially if the design is as suble as it seems.
It is a thin tile, and it was done quite a while ago. If I pull out just one tile in a row its going to mess up the whole wall. I have put a tile on top of one of them and to be honest I love the effect it looks cool. Unfortunately I had got the tile from them so they brought it with them. I didn't have a chance to lay anything out. Any they swore they only had one color till I made them unload all their boxes.Problem is I don't know if it will stay there, is liquid nail strong enough to hold it?
What is the tile made from? Glass, ceramic, porcelain, stone? And...what is the tile size?
Glass tiles are thin, about 1/8". Ceramic, not so much.
You just need to get the correct adhesive. On the label you want to see, "ceramic tile". But don't just start using it. Check with the manufacturer if it can be used to bond it to ceramic tile. This is not the usual application method.
You will need to give these tiles support until the adhesive is dry.
I would think hard before attemping this project. There are very few people who would look at this and not go, "What were these people thinking?"
But it's your kitchen.
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