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3 Black, 3 White, I'm clueless about Fan Replacement

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I am replacing a ceiling fan. The new Minka Aire fan/light has a ground, black and white... the previous installation had ground + 3 black + 3 white. I wasn't that careful when I uninstalled the old fan, but I recall that at least one of the black and whites were spliced together.

What is the best way to sort this out. I took a guess is which black and white combination was correct, but since there are so many possible combinations, I'm not sure best way to work my way through this.

I would assume that if I had some sort of tester, I'd be able to determine which ones were live and which are not. Is there a simple device and procedure that would allow me to determine which ones are I should connect to?

I'm completely green about this....
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Let me start by saying :jester:

When you say 3 black, 3 white....are you counting the fan wires in this number?
3 black and 3 white from the box + ground. The fan/light combo only has 1 black + 1 white + ground.
Take apart the switches and describe the wiring.

The new Minka Aire fan/light has a ground, black and white...
A fan/light shoud have one more wire ???
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