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3/4inch hardwood over parquet

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Hello all,

Some great advice here, thanks! I have a question regarding installing 3/4inch nail down hardwood flooring over an exisiting parquet floor - essentially: Should I do it?

The 'plan' would be to lay an additional layer of plywood over the parquet, glueing/screwing it right through into the joists, then 2" nailing the wood.

1 - the floor squeaks now (carpet over parquet), should I screw through the 'subfloor' prior to the extra layer of plywood?

2 - is a 3/8 inch plywood adequate, given that it's an extra layer only?

3 - is the risk of the parquet splitting / loosening due to the screwing and nailing too great, so as to cause squeaking down the road?

I've done wood before, but never over parquet like this...Thanks!

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I'd peal off the old parquet---then rescrew the squeeky subfloor---add more ply to that if needed.

The old parquet is very likely to splinter and cause you problems.

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id remove the old floor, fix the squeaks and put the hardwood over that.
the other way you would be raising the floor level 1-1/8 higher then the existing floor thats there now.
this way the floor might be closer to the other floors
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