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3/4 Hardwood Flooring over sufficient subfloor?

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My house has 6" wide 3/4" T&G boards running perpendicular to floor joist that are 16" OC with 5/8" particle board of unknown origin on top of the T&G. I am remodelling and removing some carpet and installing 3/4" Hardwood floor. I would like to remove this particle board stuff and install 1/4" plywood on top of the 3/4" T&G and then place the 3/4" Hardwood floor on top of that so that the height transition between carpet and floor will be more acceptable. There is some floor squeeking going on under the particle board and I would like to fix this as well before putting down new Hardwood floor. One problem is that the Hardwood flooring will be running parrallel to the floor joist.

Will this plan (3/4" T&G boards topped with 1/4" plywood) be sufficient to support the new Hardwood floor for years to come? The hardwood floor strips are a little over 2" wide strips and will be running parrallel to the floor joist.

After doing the math for the Height, this 1" concoction (1/4" ply + 3/4" Hardwood floor beside the 5/8" particle board stuff and carpet) seems to be a nicer transition than placing the 3/4" Hardwood over the existing 5/8" particle board right beside carpet sitting on top of the 5/8" PB. (Of course these are on top of the 3/4" T&G.) confused yet?
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You have to remove the partical board. By removing it you will probably get rid of your squeaks. You cannot run the hardwood the same way as the joists. This will allow the floor to move working nails out and causing the floor to squeak and posibly gap.To use 1/4" ply, not luan, you will have to use staples (or ring shank nails) and put them no further than 6" apart. Remove the partical board.
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