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House: 1969 split entry short faced.

I've finished up tearing out 700 ft2 of carpet and parquet flooring underneath that, deck screwed all the existing plywood down to eliminate the squeaks and installed 3/4" Brazilian KOA Tigerwood that I obtained for a great price by using odd lot. Strategic use of the planks combined with an attitude that my two 90lb dogs will create more imperfections made it a perfect choice for me. TMI, just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone looking to do great flooring for half the price.

Months have gone by since removing some of the carpet on the stairs to see what I had to contend with. I have plenty of wood left so I am looking to use the planks on the treads and risers. I bought the stair-nose unfinished off Amazon for cheap and they are all sanded, finished and awaiting the day I stop procrastinating. I know solid treads would be superior but I'd rather use the flooring to match the upstairs and solid tread tigerwood is $$$$$$

I thought I was going to be able to remove the carpet, screw the decking down tight to eliminate squeaks, cut the nose and put down the flooring. There is a lot of issues I now see.

1. Currently the stair heights are 7 3/4" for all except the top to the landing where the wood was installed. That's 8" now. So if I install the 3/4" wood on top of 1" treads I will have 8 1/4" for the first step, 7 1/4" for the top and 7 3/4" for the ones in between. It this unacceptable? 1" decking is the thinnest I can go, correct?

2. The decking is not a solid piece. It's multiple pieces probably not visible in the pics. I imagine that they should be replaced with plywood if that route is even an option based on #1. The current ones extend in to the stringer on the wall. See any issues?

3. If I have to rebuild the stairs (hopefully not but I've got a feeling) does anyone have a really rough estimate on materials? I didn't want to use prefab stair treads and stain to match but if rebuilding becomes cost prohibitive that might be easier to avoid the height change. That might look cr#%!y though as I wouldn't have the planks and nose to hide any gap between the stringer and tread.

4. I love my dogs and know that wood stairs is a bad idea for them. I will be tapping in a padded carpet runner down the finished steps so no worries. Sucks mauling stairs with this way but a runner can be replaced every year or two easily

Looking for advice on options for a small budget.



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