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2X4 sideways - basement stairs - safe to remove?

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Hello those much smarter than I.

by sideways I mean facing outward (opposite to the way a stud is oriented), but still vertical and underneath the floor joists.

The 2x4s are vertical. Some of my pictures aren't rotated correctly. Just want to be clear.

We are remodeling a bit in the basement. The stairwell was walled and we have removed the drywall and wood 1 x 10 (or so) backers pieces that the drywall was nailed to.

Remaining are 3 2x4's are facing outward (as opposed to completely under the joist). The top of the 2x4 terminates at a piece of 1x2 trim that is nailed in to the floor joist above.

It seems pretty clear to me that these are not load bearing, I mean they were cut and placed under a piece of trim instead of right against the bottom of the joist.

But alas, I worry. So to the internet I go.

I hope the pictures make it clear. The joist running along the stairwell (which the 2x4's in question are underneath) measures 93", is doubled 2x8, and is nailed in to a proper joist at either end. By proper joist, I mean one that runs to the foundation wall from the centre beam.

The 2x4s are at the 2", 38" and 81 1/2" mark along this 93" span


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