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I have 3 decks built on 2x12s that go straight into the home. These 2x12s are only supported where they buttress into the home. Some of these are rotting. The home was built in 82, not sure if treated wood was used and there are some water drainage issues also. And the home is on the water in Seattle so takes a moisture beating.

We recently bought this home and are in it for the long haul. I was thinking of sloping the decks and putting a solid surface so I don't have to worry about the 2x12s rotting. Some/the necessary 2x12s could be replaced but also supported by neighboring healthy 2x12s. Or I could have new 2x4s put on and cap the 2x12s with something/retreat? If I slope the deck, this could create issues with the existing glass railing, of which I want to reuse, in terms of being lower than its original configuration.

Appreciate the ideas, thank you


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There's no easy fix there... In the early 80's, cantilevered (untreated) floor joist to create a deck was common place (on the West Coast anyway).

You need a design pro to do an onsite evaluation.

Your best bet (the short answer) is to severe off the cantilever and install a ledger, post and beam system to carry the decks.
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