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Hello, I have a problem with a 2nd floor master bathroom walk in shower. The house was built in 65 and the pipes are copper. Im not 100 percent sure what a normal drain would look like, however looking at things, I get the feeling that non spec practices were used. I assume this shower was put in by the seller prior to sale.

The copper pipe is rough cut at the shower pan/floor level no tension nut at top. When I took the screen off, I found what appears to be a aluminum or other soft metal ring around the pipe, seated in a groove. This seal was not whole and was missing about 1/2" of is circumference. This could also be made of some sort of epoxy, hard to tell. The groove this fits into also appears to be aluminum or other soft metal. I assume that this ring was some sort of seal, but am unsure if it was by design or something that was put there to fix the problem long enough to sell the house.

Any thoughts on this set up? if this job was done right, I assume I can look for another seal. If this sounds like a jimmy job, what are my options short of a plumber call? First time posting on here so let me know if pics would be helpful.

Thanks for your help.

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