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I've looked everywhere online...
Can't seem to find a combo that will do the trick just short of a mud ring adapter...

I have a 2 gang Box flush with my outside wall.
I would like to put any variant of a L14-30 outlet in there.
However, I've yet to see any cover meant for a 2 gang.

The closest thing I came up with is to buy a 2 gang cover that has a hole for a single. However, the single hole is a hair smaller in diameter than speced for a L14-30. So no NEMA standards but I would just bore the hole slightly bigger so the outlet would fit. I DON'T know after boring it, if the flap cover will be good but I suspect so....I'm increasing it by a couple of cm...

Anyone have any other ideas on how to get a L14-30 into a 2 gang exterior box. At this point, I don't care if it's Locking, Non Twistlock, inlet, etc.

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Many of the common weather proof in-use covers have knock outs for different sized single receptacles.

If you look around the switch in this area, you will see concentric circles. If you only have this one device in the 2G box, then just install install a blank switch on the other side.


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I've never seen such an animal. Not for an L14-30 at least.

Why would you need such a thing? PLEASE don't tell me you are making your own generator inlet using a suicide cord. :huh:
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