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2400 kerosene monitor heating system

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My daughter's monitor quit. She added 75 gallons of kerosene and still would not light. I checked that fuel was coming from the tank to the filter and then out of the filter. Next I went inside and disconnected the fuel line to make sure I had fuel going to the monitor which I did not. I went back outside and found that ice fell off the roof and kinked the fuel line. After the fuel line was fixed, I went back in the house to make sure there was now fuel to the monitor. We were good to go and the monitor fired up and ran for about 3 minutes and shut off. The flame was blue then turned orange then red and then went out. I loosen the screw by the primer button in an attempt to bleed the line in case there was air and then restarted it but had the same result. Any ideas on what is wrong with this monitor?
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Is there a filter between the heater and the tank?
Scroll down to page 24 for some ideas.
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