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Hello guys, and thanks in advance.

I'm in the middle of removing some walls.

In the picture, we are standing in the living room, looking at the dining room behind the wall with the posts (behind the TV) and the kitchen which is behind the wall with the flag painting.

Here is the layout. Total of 24.5-ish feet span. dining room is about 10' and living room is about 14.5'. I already removed the posts on that dividing wall behind the tv since it wasnt supporting anything. Just floating there with a little gap. So there is a 10' wide section already unsupported.

I was looking for other peoples opinions on if the remaining 5' wall with the flag is load bearing. Some interesting details are that I have 2x4 fink trusses on 24" centers in the attic. The seam in right in the middle of the hallway with a 4x6" metal plates. house was built in 1977. It's a ranch home, and the Ibeam in the basement is about 40" away from that wall I want to remove. It seems to be directly under the other wall on the opposite side of the hallway.

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If the trusses are all the same you should be good to go, when they make a truss tri bearing the design change would be obvious. And that would not have saved them any money, likely would have cost more.
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