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Making certain Voltage matches/approximates rating

[Nap, Thank you very much. I was pretty sure this was the case but wanted to make sure before I plugged something in and smoked it.] Being it's a brand new tool and all.

Again thanks for your response. :thumbup:

Speaking of walking on safe ground reminds me of the time that I hooked up a paint heater/mixer in a furniture re-finishing plant that was controlled by a 240V. 2-pole, 20a. Toggle Switch. Making certain the rated voltage and current draw were correct, I turned on the switch. Kabooom! is the sound that I heard next. Obviously, the [toggle] switch burned out and, amazingly, the breaker didn't trip! I forgot one "tiny" but important detail. To check if there is liquid in the tank. :no::laughing::drink:
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