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I have issue in my apartments.... the voltage is 170..
I check all the building is the same and the adjustment building is the same .
this happen only during the local generator shift (about 8 h per day) witch is about 500 m far from our is a 100 KVA 3 phase generator..

when we complain with the generator company they told that "and I measure by my self" the voltage in the generator output is 230.. and the building which is Adjacent to them have 220 v...

he call the electrician but his answer that there is no solution because you are far from the generator :surprise: and you have to buy a voltage regulator..
most of the devices and lights in my apartment is not working..

can you please suggest a solution because I think the fault is from the local generator company and he should correct some thing...

with best regard

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500 meters is a LONG way to push 230 volts, even at low loads.

Depending on the loads involved, 2 transformers would very likely be the best solution. This is very common at airports where power needs to be transmitted a long distance, often 1000 meters. Usually the first transformer goes from 240 volts to 4160 volts, then 5000 volt wire is used to the second transformer where the voltage is reduced back to 120/240.

Your 230 volts would be very similar.

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thanks a lot...
I will ask him to do one of the solutions...
if he double the current cable can this help (in case he will not agree for transformer solution). or the question is without transformer what cable size for 200 A ... 500 meter length... (tomorrow I will check what cable size he use)

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To get within 10% voltage drop at your building it looks like you need 500MCM (253 millimeter) copper cable.

If your existing wire can be used at 600 volts, you could put in two 45kVA 600V transformers and this would get you about 210 volts at your building. Not great, but may be easier than replacing 500m of wire.

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Bigger/ more cables will help !
It is also an expensive option
Copper is expensive and we
are talking about large cables.
Using transformers is therefore
Going to probably be the more
Likely option.
But pushing it 500m is crazy stuff !

So you should consider changing
The conditions of supply so that
The voltages are measured at the
Buildings main panel and NOT
At the geeny.

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Is the 8 hour generator shift your only power ? Or is it supplemental to your normal utility power because of a rotating outage schedule ?

Either way, you don't seem to be getting your monies worth. If they can not/will not fix it, I would be looking for another source of supply.

Have you considered buying your own generator ? What about a partnership agreement with some of the nearby buildings ? You mentioned an adjacent building that was also suffering low voltage.

If you don't mind the question, where are you located ?

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I wanted to make the post small so it will be easy to read... but I will happy if you are interested with more info..
in summery:-
- we have governmental supply in other shift witch is stable (and between 220-240)
- private generator will have more troubles with fuel, maintenance and voice
- I don't seem to be getting my monies worth :vs_mad:.

this is the long Story:-
I'm from Iraq :smile:
in our country the main governmental power can't be for 24 hour ... according to the season the average supply will be 12 h in winter..
So the other solution is the local generator... witch has Separated local network ..I tried a private generator but it was a nightmare (voice, maintenance , fuel and oil headache ... the silent type is very expensive ...
so for years we accommodated for this system ....
during the shift of the government power the electricity is stable with (220-240 v) and the local generator was (200-220) when it was near to our building....
that was accepted and we can live with that...
but recently the local generated more to a far place, and the community increased (to to migration from other war places) this lead to increase the load also... So they increase the local generator size and add other one( currently there is 2 generator)...

so the drop in the voltage start to happen recently.. it can decrease to 160 v during the heavy loads of our building... and maximum 185 in morning (lower load) ...

I think it is not allowed for us to make agreement and share other big generator without licence...and they will not give because we already have a local generator...
but they miss lead the people about ("what we can do you are far", "remove the voltage protector from the devices So it will work with the low voltage", "add voltage regulator").

So, I will advice him with your solutions (bigger cable or transformer) if he will not solve the issue, we have to complain with local authority (unless my night-bore already complained ) ...

finally, I apologize for long post, wrong technical terms and English.

with best regard

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So long as you are feeding straight 230-240 volts from the generator 500m away, you are not going to get good power at your building no matter how big a generator you have, unless the wires are something like 2cm in diameter or more or unless nobody uses more power than a few lights per apartment will use.

How far from the building is the utility power pole transformer?

Do you have transfer switches at each building breaker panel (load center; control panel)?

Regular utility power comes at anywhere from 2400 volts to 19000 volts to the pole transformer and 230-240 volts from the pole transformer to the building, usually no more than 100m away.

Because utility power runs at a much higher voltage until it gets close to the building, it behaves differently and maintains close to 230 volts in your building better.

Having just 180 or 160 volts at your building when you expect 230-240 volts is not tolerable. Anyone who does not understand that is not a real electrician.
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Why can the government not provide 24 hr power ?
Who is responsible for the secondary supply ?
Who is responsible for the distrubution equipment ?

Have you talked to your neighbours ?
Pressure from many people will yeild better results.
Sorry dear answering some questions will lead us to political and other discussions far from my issue... If you like I can write this in other post or you can google Iraq electricity problems ....
the secondary supply is managed by contractor under government supervision..and yes I talked to some neighbors... we may complain in the governmental office that is responsible for them...

AllanJ :-
thanks for clarifications. we have a (change over) near to the board of each apartment which is either automatic or manual...we have no issue with that.

the governmental utility power pole is not far from the building (within 100 m)
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