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I have an exposed 110 volt wire colored white that an electrician put in for some outside lights. That was never done but the wire is still there. I also have two yellow wires coming from the breaker box. These and the white are within six feet of where I would want the 220 outlet. Can you make a 220 from either of these scenarios? Also, the breaker box is just on the other side of an outside wall with a 110 outlet already there. I can gain access to that outlet through the sheetrock, so could that be converted to 220? thanx

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Not enough info.
There is no such thing as 240 volt outlet without know the amperage required.
Do you need a 120/240 circuit or just a 240 volt circuit?
Do you need 20/30/40/50 amps?
The white and yellow wires, are they cables or individual wires?
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