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220 and MWBC Curcuits all dead

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Suddenly the other night all of the 220 and the MWBC in our house have no or maybe half power.

All the plain 110 circuits work fine.

The dryer has a control panel that will power up, but the motor will only whine and can't spin.

Obviously we have checked and rechecked the breakers and none are tripped.

Looks like about 4 completely separate circuits are not functioning correctly.

Anybody have any ideas? We were not even home when it happened and nothing was running while we were away.
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Sounds like you have lost one of the hot legs.
Checked the hot legs and found one that had no voltage :yes:

Called the power company and they came right out to confirm. They brought with them this trailer thing that they hooked up so we have full service again. We have burred service lines so they will need to dig up the driveway/sidewalk and possibly part of our culdisac, they have confirmed that there is a break in the line underground. :eek: They suspect it will take 1-2 weeks to get everything dug up, replaced and get service restored.

By the way our dryer is some crazy swiss type condenser dryer so it's pretty odd the way it hooks up. (comes with a special electrical panel that you hard wire in and the dryer has a special plug that only fits that panel)
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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