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2000 Pontiac Grand Am harmonic balancer replacement

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My d-i-l car needs a new harmonic balancer. It eats up serpantine belts for lunch. Belts are expensive and hard to put on since motor mount has to be loosened/motor supported. How hard of job is replacing the balancer?? special tools required? Is this a do it yourself project?
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Sure it isn't the belt tensioner? A bad tensioner almost always the reason for early belt failure.
Here's a procedure for a Grand Prix. It's probably the same on a Grand Am. First, take a look at the balancer and see if there is clearance to get a puller in there. A puller is needed to get it off.

Have you looked at the balancer to see why it's shredding belts?
must not be able to see that procedure without paying first
I didn't pay anything and I can see the drawings and procedure. Did you scroll down?
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