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I agree the job should be done right and SAFE the first time, However all you folks agreed with Brian 0075 in the posts that what he requested he could use now your all jumping on me for a minor comment.
Let me take you all back to when you were real young and just starting out with 0 money but you wanted to improve your life and just happened to have something you could use SAFELY and it would improve your property. You used it don't deny it. You know you did get back to reality and common sense safely.
If he couldn't use it you should have said so right off the bat but you all stated he could.
The way I read things.. all that was said is that.. " if ".. you know what your doing it could be done but I also read it wouldn't be safe. Simply answering his question. I do not see one comment that says to use that 3 phase panel.

So let me say this to Brian...."If you use that three phase panel put your stupid hat on"......:)
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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