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20 Amp Bathroom Circuit

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Re-wiring parts of my new house with the renovation project and I am curious if it is OK to run one 20 amp circuit for the outlets only in three bathrooms. The way I understand it, its ok for two bathrooms so long as its outlets only, or one bathroom lights and outlets on one 20 amp circuit is ok. Personally I hate dealing with 12gauge wire in a light box and would prefer to put the basement bath lights and fan on a separate circuit with the hall lights, bedroom lights and utility room/laundry room lights. Then another circuit for just the outlet, and eventually the upstairs bath outlets as well.

There are 3 bathrooms in total, basement bath, main bath, and master bath all right next to/above each other. Right now I am looking at a double switch box for the lights and fan with 14/2 in, and 14/3 out to the light box, continuing on to the fan/light combo with 14/3 as well. Then the basement bath outlet will have its own run of 12/2 in a separate box, potentially adding in a second outlet GFCI controlled since I have all the sheetrock off the walls at this point.
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While you can do it, its not very practical
Some hair dryers use over 1500w
So if anyone uses a high wattage hair dryer & someone else tries to plug something in you will kick the circuit off

But if you are set on doing it make sure each bathroom is fed with line & not from the load of the other bathrooms GFCI

Line to 1st bath, this line feed will continue to the 2nd & 3rd bath
In each bathroom install a GFCI

Note if you exceed the wattage for the circuit you will need to go & reset the breaker, not the GFCI
Re-thinking this I think I may just re-use some of the 12/3 romex I pulled out of the bathroom to feed the light, then the fan/light combo. Its not the new yellow jacketed cable, but it is 12/3 romex. Then I will just feed the downstairs bathroom on one 20 amp circuit for lights and the outlet(s).

I was really just trying to avoid having to buy 12/3 romex and to deal with 12 gauge wire in the light and fan boxes, but I figure re-using the 12/3 that was removed and keeping the bathroom all on its own 20 amp circuit would be the better way to go.
You can feed all the bath receptacles in the house with 1 20 amp circuit, but you cannot feed any lights with it.
Like scuba, not the best idea in the world.
Both of my baths share the same circuit, but I only charge a razor and the has the rest of the power.
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