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2 Switches / 2 Lights / 1 Receptacle

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Okay, here is my deal. I want to set up a room with 2 lights, each on their own switch, with 1 receptacle down stream from that. I have my line from the panel going into the switch box. I have no problem wiring up the two lights on independent switches, but my question is how do I wire up the receptacle so it has constant power downstream?

I get the feeling that if I connect the neutrals and pigtail the hots to the switches that my receptacle will not work properly.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Either run a 2 wire directly from the switch box to the receptacle, or use 3 wire from the switch box to the light then 2 wire from the light to the receptacle. If you’re going through the lights, you’ll need a switched wire and a constant hot wire. Do you know how to set that up?
Connect all the neutrals together.
When you connect the switches the hot wire will go to both switches AND the receptacle hot. The the lights have their individual hot wires go to the other terminal on each switch.
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Thanks Kyle.

I can easily run a separate line for the receptacle from the switch box. In doing so, are all like wires nutted together with 2 hot pigtails going to the switches?
Yep. All whites together, grounds together with 2 pigtails to ground the switches (additional one for the box if metal), source black to recept black and 2 pigtails to power the switches, leaving the 2 blacks for the lights…each goes on a switch.
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Thank you very much fellas. I definitely overthought the crap out of that one.

Joed, if you are bored you can hop the border and wire it if you want...:thumbup:

Thanks again!
Take me longer to get there than to do it.
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