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I've got an old Mac 2816 that has no spark. Initially I tried changing the spark plug with no result. Next I disconnected the kill switch, (which had a small fray on the insulation of the wire going to it. I still got no spark when I cranked it. At this point I suspected either a worn or sheared flywheel key or a faulty ignition module. Both the key, and the keyway were in good shape, showing no wear, or deformity. Finally I was able to find a new ignition module for the machine, (no small feat in itself), but after swapping out the old one, I still have no spark.
Since I had the recoil start housing off the machine I spun the engine using an industrial electric dril at approx 175 rpm.
It's a pretty simple circuit, with no interlocks or anything that I'm aware of. As a result, I'm stumped. Does anyone out there have any new ideas I can try?
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