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2 Cleanouts next to each other in basement

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I noticed that in my basement there are two similar cleanouts. One is obviously for the main dwv, but I'm not sure what the other is.

There are two clay pipe drains sticking out of the ground in front of the house that the gutter downspouts drain into. One runs right out of the side of a hill on the side of the house. The other (on the same side as the cleanout) disappears.

I'm wondering if this is likely a cleanout for that drain? or if it may be for some sort of perimeter drain? or something else entirely?

Anybody have any input on that?

Also, if it is a cleanout for a gutter drain, can I route it out just like a floor drain? I get some small leaks during heavy rains and some moisture issues in the basement and I'm hoping this may be one step towards fixing that problem.

I've attached a couple of pictures to hopefully make this more clear.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated!


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Can this please be moved to the Building & Construction Forum where maybe it may get some more exposure?
Do you have a septic tank or are you on city sewer?

How old is the house?

This could well be one for the sanitary sewer main drain and the other for an outlet to a storm drain system.

SOme older homes have both going to the same (sanitary) street sewer and this is now illegal in most cities. Such hookups have separate paralleling pipes from house to street sewer.
My guess is that there is a whole house trap in between the two cleanouts.
Thanks for the replies.

It's city sewer. House was made in 1940.

I noticed that there are 2 different smells coming out of them. One of sewer and the other of maybe rotting leaves?

So if this goes to the storm sewer, would that indicate that there should be some sort of perimeter drain?
And can I have this snaked just like a regular sewer line?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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