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Hi and thanks in advance for help. Redoing laundry room

1) washer and dryer should be on separate circuit? This is not the case for me as a small bathroom exhaust fan/light and vanity light branch off in adjoining room. It's a 20 amp circuit
and total amps if everything on is 18.5. Is this okay or should I have a separate circuit wired to laundry room so it's by itself. Access to do this is not an issue.

2) light box over sink needs to be moved next to stud (it's on it now but there was a drop ceiling) I am doing a drywall ceiling now so need to move box off stud and next to it. If I do this, Box's back side will touch the sheet metal of hot air supply. My concern is a short could potentially make hvac throughout house hot? Is this a valid concern? Is there something skinny to put behind it to insulate from conduction?

Thanks again.
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