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1st Time DIYer, 1st House!

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Hi! I have been a single mom to a wonderful son who is now a Navy SeaBee, a builder actually. Too bad he is no where near to help with the house now! Lol. I have a old, 1912's bungalow, three small bedrooms, tiny bathroom, and very small galley style kitchen. Basement, totally unfinishable, living and dining room. I am constantly doing research on style and restoration. It was a empty, foreclosed house with owners who did not take care of it! We have replaced the entire outside plumbing, it was totally illegal, and have had to replace the floor in the bathroom, along with the old walls, tub, toliet and sink. Now I am working on the floors in the three bedrooms, they are in poor shape but I hope to save them! I love my house, and hope to have this house done before I retire! Lol, as a public school teacher, I am on a strict budget, so I am here to learn so I can do as much of it by myself as possible.
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