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1996 Pontiac Grand AM Instrument Cluster change

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I have a V6 1996 Grand AM SE with bad Instrument Cluster that needs to be replaced. I can't seem to find any used one for the particular year. But I do see one on ebay for 97-98 grand am models that look exactly the same. On the other hand, those listed under 94-95 models look different.
Do the 97-98 instrument clusters work with 1996 Grand Am? Thanks a bunch.
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I would start by checking with a reputable salvage yard to see if it's compatable. Your local pontiac dealer may be able to help as well. One problem could be different options, such as engine and trans combinations, gage packages etc. I would be nervous buying a used cluster on e-bay. Even if it's the right one, it may not be any better than the one you have. There might still be rebuilt unit available through a speedo shop. Check with your G.M. dealer. Most exchange units aren't that exspensive. I can't remember if that old of a cluster would need to be programmed once installed. Here again, check with a dealership..
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