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1988 Andersen Gliding Patio Doors

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I have two big Andersen Gliding Patio doors and one operates with no problem and one sticks, especially in the winter. During the summer the door seems to open a bit better where as in the winter you can’t open it more than a foot.

I believe the doors are original to the house which was built in 1988. It looks like the frame is swelling in the middle so I’m thinking it’s due to water issues with the framing.

Im wondering if I take the doors off and the framing of the door out and fix the frame the door is in and then reinstall will I be able to get the frame to sit down flat.

Im also curious to know if anyone knows where I could find installation instructions for this door and how I figure out what model it might be.

Thanks in advance for the help!!!
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Million dollar question. Sadly, stuff rarely comes out that easily when it from 30 years ago. I would try it, but don't be sad if it doesn't go back together to well.
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