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1987 rheem: How to change ignitor

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Ok this is a 1987 RHEEM dual unit on the roof. I was told that the ignitor was bad. Here are a couple pics to give ideas of what this all looks like.

First> I was able to undo the rather small assembly that the ignitor is in but can't get it removed. I see no retaining ring or anything holding it in place. QUESTION.. Is this something that I can just take some sand paper to and clean it up and will it work again or would it actually need to be replaced ?

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Oh lord. Those mid 80's rheem units were not the most desirable machine ever built.

First off. It's illegal to have the gas flex line run right to the gas valve. I know some counties will approve it in an inspection but it's just wrong. You need to have 1/2 inch gas line installed that goes from the gas valve, to the outside of the unit.

Second off, you really need to have someone inspect the heat exchanger in that unit, chances are it may be cracked. That unit is pretty much at the end of its useful lifespan.

I see someone was nice enough to install the electrical disconnect box right on the access door that you had to remove. Anytime I install a unit, I really prefer if possible to install the disconnect to the stand. That way it's not in the way of removing any access panels.

I never cared for the way rheem and goodman designed the combustion fans on those things, it was a goofy design at best.

But once again, please have someone inspect the unit before you even bother to fix it.
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