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Hello All,

I have a 1890's brownstone in NYC. I have stripped all of the paint off of the original iron lintels. The detail work of them is amazing. I would like to repaint them in a satin finished white. Any ideas about what steps I should take and best products? Should I prime first and then top coat? What primer seals iron? Who makes an exterior iron satin white?

Thanks in advance,.

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I would bring a metal preservation and restoration person in on this and not just approach it from a finishing standpoint. Such lintels are beautiful and for yours to be in such shape given the vintage is worth some attention.

I would think one of the corrosion to metal products might be called for followed by a quality metal primer and then a finish of your choice. But because I am not sure I don't want to point you.

There should be a plethora of preservation people who can help you in NYC. I can look into it here if you cannot find anybody. Weibold's outside of Cincinnati is a great source of restoration advice and restoration, large and small, for all kind of materials. They do a fair amount of museum and historical preservation work.

Good luck.

If you think of it, do post what the final recommendation is for the lintels and some before after photos?

By the way, if you feel like investing in some mold release and silicon mold material? It might be nice to pull an impression of one of your finds before you prime and paint over things?
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