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15A breaker overload?

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Hi All,

I have a single 15A breaker that splits to:

  • Bedroom 1 (Light and outlets)
  • Bedroom 2 (Light and outlets)
  • Full Bathroom (Light, outlet, fan)
  • 2 hallway lights.
It has never tripped since I've been here, but then again, one of the bedrooms is never used.

Should I try to get a dedicated 20A up to the bathroom?

Attached is my entire panel.


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I would do it. That's a lot on 15A, and recent NEC code books demand a separate circuit for the bathroom for a reason. You must not have any female using hair dryers, or you would have flipped the breaker many times already.
The hair dryer gets used on the Master Bed, Bath breaker. This one does trip on occasion... Maybe I'll try to run 2 separate 20A's up to that floor.

Any pointers when doing this? Is is normal to follow a vent pipe down to the basement?
Run a dedicated 20A circuit to both bathroom receptacles. Leave everything else alone.
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Run one to the basement bath also- 20 amp, if you plan to install it later.(didnt see breaker for it)
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