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12x12 porcelain tile as Kitchen backsplash?

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I live in a 16-year old manufactured home. I recently purchased some 12x12 porcelain tile to use in my bathroom. Since then I have had 2nd thoughts and decided to go another route. I am remodeling my kitchen don't know what I want for a backsplash. Can I use the tiles on the wall? Are there any restrictions I should consider? I have never done any home improvements because I don't know how, it scares me, and I don't have the tools.
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Tile is good for a backsplash, and the fewer grout joint the better. There is normally 18" between countertop and wall cabinets, which means cutting at least one tile. There are other ways to use those same tile. from bottom to top: 3: tile; 12" tile; 3" tile. Or-12" tile with different color border tile above that ( large variety available). Tile design is limited only by imagination.
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