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12v relay w/ dehumidfier mod?

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I was thinking about picking up a random SPDT 12v relay from an automotive store connecting my 12v trigger on my projector and wiring the relay to the leads of the float switch inside the dehumidifier. It would connect to the normally open lead of the relay so when I power on the projector, it shuts off the dehumidifier that is in the same room.

As this is a low voltage application, is there any reason why a simple SPDT 12v relay from an automotive store not work?

I was also thinking of wiring this thing in series with my condensation pump so if the pump fails, it will kill the dehumidifier as well.

Thanks in advance!
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There is a microswitch that is triggered when the reseivoir is in place, it is attached to a small wire to the control board. I disconnected it from the board and tested it to verify it is the switch. If the circuit is open, then it stops the humidifier. I was thinking of splicing in the relay switch in series. I did think of doing a 110v relay for the outlet, though could't find a good guide on doing it.
I decided to reuse some old x10 equipment I have. It required me to get one extra x10 controller.
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