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120v service for a camper trailer

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Hopefully someone can help me. I am rebuilding an old camper trailer. I am at the point of rewiring. The camper had a Homeline HOM6-12L100 breaker box installed in it before. Unfortunately, as I was pulling it all apart, I neglected to draw out how it was all hooked up. I have found it to be EXCEEDINGLY difficult (actually, impossible) to find something so simple as a legible wiring diagram/photograph. There currently is a double 30A breaker and two single 15A breakers in it.

Now, there is 120v power coming in. NOT, I repeat, NOT 240V. 120v, three wire (black, white, and ground) input.

If someone could show me where to hook up the black, white, and ground input wires, and then where to hook up the receptacle/light circuit wires, I would be greatly appreciative. :wink:
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Well, contrary to what most people think there are no diagrams for most electrical wiring. It's not like an appliance or piece of electronics. There are many ways to wire most things.

IMO you should bring in someone familiar with wring and have them help you along. And by this I don't mean some handyman who just knows a bit about wiring.
Got a picture of the panel?
Does the camper have a convertor to change 110 AC to 12 V DC?
I'm working on a photo of what I have. It was never pretty, but it did work.

The two bus bars are hooked together with a jumper wire. Would the double 30A possibly function as a "main breaker"?

This is simply a plug-in proposition. No DC involved here. It basically has a heavy wire plug in that you can just plug into any ordinary receptacle and you've got power.

Lousy phone photo. I don't know where my camera is.

You can see the jumper wire and a bare copper ground along with other wires going into the bar at the top.
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Sorry, but that is NASTY and scary.
Someone with no clue installed that dangerous mess. That is NOT factory installed.

PLEASE get some professional help with this.
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Lousy phone photo. I don't know where my camera is.

You can see the jumper wire and a bare copper ground along with other wires going into the bar at the top.

You need a ground bar and some romex cable connectors to start.
This setup was not of my doing! :D

I think maybe I have found a diagram that is useful to me:

My black input wire going to the busbars (connected by a jumper), white input wire connected to the bar at the top, with all the white neutral wires for each receptacle/light circuit also connecting to this bar, and add a ground bar for all my ground wires to connect to..... sound correct?

I can only guess that the former "electrician" that did this had his hot going into and through the 30A breakers, to power the bus bars, as I know I did not remove any wires from the screw blocks on the busbars where the jumper attaches...
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If you are going to have ac and electric water heater you may want to take this time to convert over to 240v because many of the rv parks have 240v 30 and 50 amp available.
There was an electric water heater in the camper, but I'm not using it. I have a small instant gas heater which will use no electricity. ;-) All I am running on electricity is about six receptacles and five lights.
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