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12 and 14 gauge wire on one circuit

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We have a 20 amp dedicated circuit upstairs that only serves a small A/C unit (4.2 amps) and is really overkill. The cable is in a perfect location for me to tap into for an outside motion light and switch. I really prefer using #14 cable for several reasons.

Is it OK to splice into this #12 cable provided of course I switch out the breaker to a 15 amp breaker?

Thank you
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This done quite few time but myself I rather run all the rest the same size as exsting conductor if possable but if have to downsize the conductor for some reason then you have to mark it at the load centre to forwarn that it have diffrent conductor in there.

It the same way I do with oversized conductors I mark them down to warn them it is used for long run to deal with voltage drop.

Good point Marc, thanks. I'll think on it some more.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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