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12" 60 Tooth Bosch Daredevil Blade for 4" crown and 6" base?

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Is this a good blade for such fine finishing work as crown?

I am looking for some tips as to how to choose the correct 12" blade.

I currently have an unopened 12" 60 (could also get an 80) Tooth Bosch Daredevil Blade that I got for 4" crown and 6" base from Menards, but was told by a contractor friend of mine that he only uses 100 tooth Makita blades, while other people say only Freud Diablo or Forrester WWII or Matsu****a.

Just wondering about the differences in each of these blades and if I should avoid any of them or if they will flex too much. I don't need the blade to last 10 years or be resharpened 6 times, I just need it to make it through these two jobs with precise smooth cuts.

The crown is stained, not painted.

As usual, any knowledge/advice would be appreciated greatly!

Thank you everyone.
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If I go back and get the daredevil 80 tooth, do you guys think it would be excellent for trim, or am I better off with a different brand/style of blade?

I have never heard anyone talk about the quality of the daredevil bosch blades, so I am a little hesitant now.

Should I buy Makita instead?


(And, yes, I will be coping the base/crown)
It is Maple and it is stained (the crown) while the base is painted white.

I am surprised no one here has tried the Bosch Daredevil blades.

I will definitely pick up the 80 tooth.

ONE QUESTION though: If I were to pick up the Makita 100 tooth instead, what is the difference between the white and black versions of there 100 tooth blade? Why is the black so much more expensive?

Thanks again.
So you think the 80 tooth bosch would do a great job then (I am in the states and Menards carries all the Daredevil blades...wish they had a 100 tooth, but there isn't one)

And, for these 2 jobs, do you think the Makita white is better/equivalent? Or should I definitely go with black (from what you have heard)? This will be my first good miter saw and blade and I don't want to screw it all up :)

I ended up getting a Diablo blade (used, but in great condition) with the saw for free, so I am just going to stick with that.

Thanks everyone!


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