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115" heating element

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Family friend is replacing water heater element for my mother (I'm too far away). The water heater is a large Toronto John Wood from ~1980 (I believe it's a different company than the John Wood you find today) and still in good shape aside from the elements.

I'm told the bottom element is a massive 115" element. 4500w.

Does anyone make something like this today? Is there any significant downside to using a regular element?
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Wow. That is one good water heater. You would never get anything like that today.

As far as your question, I do not know the answer. However, I'm sure someone on this forum may know.

Go online or try calling the manufacturer, and ask them directly what your mother's options are. I know, its the weekend so that's not going to work until Monday.

Please wait for other suggestions. Thank you.
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