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100 Amp Service

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I'm new here so take it easy on me. I'm building a cabin and I'm running into difficulties debating on what to do electrical wise. I have a 100 amp service where I'm at but debating on a 200 amp service. I want all electric. It will be small (~ 650 sq.ft.) What do ya'll think?
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Have you looked at the difference in installation between the 2?
Then balance that against the possibility of paying to have an upgrade
Where will the cabin be located?
Year round use - electric heat in the winter?
AC in the summer?
Hot tub?
I had 100a at my last house - 912 sq ft
But it was gas heat, cooking, HW & dryer
I did have a 50a hot tub, 30a 24k AC
Ask your utility if they have any cost differences to you on a 100 amp to 200 amp service. If that isnt enough to make a difference go 200. If you are overhead you have to have a 2 inch mast anyways, 200 amp meter bases and 200 amp main breaker panels are industry standard these days for the most part.
I..... I have a 100 amp service where I'm at ......
Is there an existing Cabin or does that mean that other cabins in the area have 100 Amp service? Ask your Power Co as there may be regulatory limits or financial surcharges for 200 Amps.
There is already 100 amp service sitting here for a fifth wheel. I would like to just keep the 100 amp service since it's already here. I haven't even dealt with the power company yet. The cabin will be sitting in south texas. I plan on using one of the 1.5 ton ductless A/C units which seem to run off of 120V/15Amps. Other than that I'd like everything power. As far as heat, it doesn't get that cold in the winter down here. As far as washer/dryer, I plan on using one of the units with both built in and I think they run off 120V as well. Just something big enough to wash a pair of dirty underwear.
You don't need a 200 but in some cases it is less expensive than a 100/125.

Here we use exterior meter combo services and supply/demand makes the 200 less than a 100. I put a 200 on my 800' cabin.

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Nice Pic
Is that CA?

Nice Pic
Is that CA?

No, 220/221 is from Arizonia area. I will let him tell you where the genral area is.

I plan on using one of the 1.5 ton ductless A/C units which seem to run off of 120V/15Amps.
1.5 ton = 18000 btu = ~15A with a COP of 3, less with a higher COP.
What else you have?

The avg. elec. consumption is 4A but people have 100A [and up] service, so you'd need to figure your max. peak demand.
This is more of a get a way place. It will have one of the combo washer/dryers, 10 gallon hot water heater, a/c, stove, fridge, microwave. That's all the appliances that I plan of having. I think 100 amp service should be plenty but wanted other opinions. I'll probably end up running 1 lighting circuit, 1 gfi circuit, and maybe 2 general circuits.
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