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I'm writing up a complaint to the electric company that recently worked on upgrading and rewiring my home (and therefore should have changed the gauge running to the 100 amp panel in my separate studio, so I am told by someone else). Let's just say I have absolutely NO electrical experience other than a circuit class I took in college eons ago.

They did a walk through and an estimate in February, and now they are wanting the last payment, but they have created a few problems I am adding to the laundry list: some outlets were left with covers not quite covering exposed areas cut out from floor trim (this house has beautiful vintage details that are now visibly scarred), they left piles of debris from drilling through floor joists in the basement and rarely cleaned up after themselves, there are 3 separate outlets that still do not work. One of their employees fell through the ceiling, leaving a 2x2' hole in my hallway ceiling. Later that week I found out the kid (no injuries) has a history of seizures and was up in the attic in what was 100+ degrees. They assured me it would be fixed on their time and they would get it done immediately by "the best guy in town". After another week, when I asked what the hell was happening, the guy in charge said "Oh, I guess I can try to call in a work order for that... tomorrow." I chewed them out and even told them I would get it taken care of (I used to sheet rock), just to pay me ontop of taking out a good chunk of what I owe them. They didn't think it was funny, I did. The guy they got in has done a horrible job, whats new. It looks like the ceiling is sagging and he barely sanded the mud. They also just reinstalled the light fixture they rewired right in the middle of it, so they definitely saw the state of it. I ALSO noticed the guy who came in to do the sheet rocking was helping them out for a few hours with pulling wires... I'm assuming thats a big no no.
What was estimated to take less than a week has taken now 4 months of constant calls to remind them that all I need is professionalism and constant communication. They would tell me exact days they would come in, and when I called them at noon the day of, the receptionist always responded with "Oh honey, we have a lot of back up and are very busy, so sorry, let's see when they can come in this week." Trying to write a dignified letter I will not regret is pretty hard at this point. I want to make sure my complaint to them is cool, calm and collected, but a good "this situation will get taken care of, and you're not gonna like it, so grow some tits and balls and do the job right" :vs_karate: . So here are my main questions...

1. What sort of state or county office would I be calling to file a complaint/inspect their work? It hasn't even been inspected after the work, aren't they supposed to call this in?

2. I want to ask Witson Electric about what exactly they have done regarding their initial proposal of "Installing a 50 amp double pole breaker from the new meter base combo disconnect... take 1" pvc conduit on outside wall and tie into existing cable for the circuit to studio building... take down existing meter base (at house) and change to 12x12 pvc j-box to splice wire for panel box, panel box in studio building to remain. No work inside studio building."

Oh yeah, I should make a point that I have been out of town off and on to go take care of my father and Witson still has a copy of my key. ALSO, I think they liked my attic cover so much, they must have taken it... so, thats gone.
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