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10 Ground Wire In 4 Gang Box Crimp Question

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Good morning all,

I have a 4 gang box plastic and a need to connect 10, 14 awg ground wires. Red wire nuts are max 6, 14 awg wires and if I understand correctly for CA code each device has to have its own ground so I cant daisy chain ground from switch 1 to switch 4 then to main ground branch?

Whats ideal way to connect the grounds together? Can / Should I use a greenie and terminate all 6 romex wires together with 1 longer wire to then wire nut / join 4 pigtails from the switches?

Devices / wires:
1) power in 14/2
2) outside lights 14/2
3) front porch 14/2
4) entry light 14/2
5) 3 way 14/3 out to 2nd switch
6) power out 14/2

Forgive the sloppy art, trying to plan the termination for rough-in inspection before I start.
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Thought it best create a new post but link to old post with some relevant info 4 Gang Box Wiring / Crimping Question
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If you can get a UL Listed version of one of those, that'd be great. I know they make Push connectors as many as 8 spaces.

Wait. Did you say GROUNDS?

You know, you could just buy an accessory ground bar intended for a service panel. They're like $6. Some of them are even listed for 2 grounds per hole.
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