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I just installed a Heat Pump this past winter and am enjoying using it for air conditioning but my basement is freezing. A 10 degree difference.

The basement stairway is open to the upstairs and I realize that the cold air will fall down here.

I have closed the two dampers and two vents to the basement although air is still pushing through a bit. The third just the vent is closed, the damper is buried in the ceiling.

My cold air return downstairs near the floor doesn't really feel cold (it's steel). I put a tissue up to it and it doesn't pull it in. I am not sure if it's working. There is nothing blocking it though.

I put the fan on circulate.

One one cold air return duct from the upstairs there was a piece cut out to clean the ducts a couple of years ago. It was taped up. I just pulled that out thinking the exposed hole would at least pull some cold air with it. I don't know if that is bad or not???

I am not sure what else I can do.

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Mine is the same. Until I and you install a door to the basement at the bottom it will be colder than normal. Get some fibreglass pink and shove it in the end of those basement vents or go buy those doughnut shaped ceiling vents that have an internal screw to open and close them. They are pretty airtight when closed. Check HDepot or Rona.


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