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1 year old 14.5 seer indoor/outdoor units maintenance?

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We had this installed last year and want to have some regular maintenance done to both the inside air handler and the outdoor heat pump.

What should I the company do to make sure its in tip top shape?
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Nothing against small outfits but try to stay away from low overhead Lou or Joe's heat em and cheatem. You get what you pay for and even though the bigger outfits charge more $$ they can attract better techs as they pay us more than Lou or Joe.

They should have a checklist of what they do and be willing to show it when done or if you ask nicely first. If you have your own and hover over their shoulder they will get snarky and not do a great job. Nobody likes a customer hovering and that goes for regular folks in their jobs as well.

They should wash the outdooor coil and check the freon pressures and compare them to the manufacturers specs for the outdoor temp at the time. They also check the superheat/subcool and temp difference across the cooling coil of the air. These are the most important items. There are others on the checklist which are too numerous to mention and like I said you don't want to hover with that list and a pen checking them off.

Checking the drain from the indoor coil and flushing it is very important.

You could ask the company if they are sending a licensed Journeyman and say you want that rather than a appprentice. The companies with the $99 to $109 checkup special will use lower paid apprentices. The companies who charge more and don't have a "special" may use Journeymen who know more. Nothing wrong with some apprentices but the first level ones are just coil washers and cannot recognize serious problems.
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Depending on where in FL the OP is. Most companies don't have licensed journeymen. And the biz license is in a qualifiers name. That has little to nothing to do with the company. Except get paid for the use of his license.
In Canada we tend to have a harmonized system where our tradesmen get a Journeyman license. We are starting to have a different division of resi vs commercial/industrial but we want our guys to at least have a license and minimum standards.

Not sure how you know if your tech is qualified in the US. Does it vary from state to state as to licensing or do you need a license? I would want to know. To many hackers and Joe's heat em and cheatems out there and we have them to.
Do not know for sure , but in our state , there is a state HVAC license . Can not say for other states .

Same for plumbing & electrical . Do not know about the other trades .

God bless

PS Be sure and check the air filter , too .
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