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1/4 inch fanfold

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I will begin siding my house with vinyl soon and would like some opinions on whether to lay down 1/4 inch fanfold or not. Only reason I would do it is for the extra insulation but from what I gather the r-value of the stuff is only 1 or 1.5 . I will be wrapping house with Tyvek. The exterior area of the house is abt 2000 sq feet.

Is this a waste of money?

Thanks in advance
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Fanfold has a very limited R value. It is mostly used as leveling board to flatten the surface before you hang your new siding, such as if you are siding over top of old beveled wood siding. House wrap is a good idea, but if you are looking for R value, then fanfold isn't the stuff to use. in eastern pa. 3/8 x 4' x 50' fanfold is an R1.5 and sells for about $36, and if I shopped around better prices could probably be had. For 2000 sf that would run about $360. IMHO, any chance you have to increase the r value in your home, you should do so. Especially if it only costs $360. Not sure but there may also be a federal tax credit for doing so.
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